Amazing body art… look closer

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Artist: Johannes Stoetter

Many people feel a close relationship to animals, probably one of the many reasons why we find animal body art so fascinating. This type of art represents the relationship we have with all life in a very beautiful way. There are so many things, a body artist can paint on human bodies, but it seems like the natural animal-forms suit best our… >>

2. July 2015

Art – literally – fueled by coffee

It would be quite difficult to live without the daily cup of coffee in the morning for many of us. For the Romanian artist Adrian Mitu this cup, however, has a very special meaning. As for some time now, he paints his pictures with coffee. His art mostly starts as a pencil sketch and then... >>


Natural Street Art

Fotocredit: David Zinn

Cities and nature often do not go too well together, but when they do partner up, they can create magical things. This is exactly what is... >>


Dancing in the wind

Seen from afar, we had the urge to grab and hold on to these sculptures. They looked as if even the slightest breeze would carry them off. Artist Robin Wight’s works of art are wonderfully wispy and delicate and have ethereal names like „Wishes“, „Butterflies“ and „Into the Future“.... >>

  • Elliot The Bull – Colourblind

    “Colourblind“, a great animation music video directed by Samuel Lewis and produced by Oh Yeah Wow for the American band Elliot The Bull.
  • Elliot The Bull – Colourblind

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